What is Diamond Core Drilling?

What is Diamond Core Drilling?

In the construction and mining industry, perhaps no piece of equipment has revolutionized the field as much as the invention of diamond core drilling. Named for its use of diamond drill bits, this method is significantly more efficient than more traditional methods of drilling, while eliminating the risk of cracking or damaging the surrounding surface or structure.

Core drilling is a method of drilling that extracts a cylindrical mass of material the earth, similar to coring an apple. A diamond core drill bit functions by extracting a cylindrical mass of material (or core) from deep within the earth.

Now, core drilling existed prior to the emergence of diamond bits, but the process was messier and much more hazardous. Conventional core drilling, without the use of diamond drill bits, can shoot rock, earth and ore laterally away from the drill bit which can result in a serious risk to the equipment operators as well as produce a large amount of stress on the machinery itself.

It also requires operators to stand very close to the drill site, thus increasing the risk of inadvertent injury in the event of a malfunction. Diamond core drills, by comparison, are incredibly sharp and rotate fast enough to eliminate dust and particulates from accumulating around the drill site.

Diamond core drills can be operated from farther away, thus improving the safety conditions of the work site. Mining with diamond core drill bits makes it possible for excavation and mining teams to break through store and ore deposits that would otherwise be impossible to traverse. As you can imagine, this invention opened up an endless number of possibilities. Though its primary application is in mining, diamond core drilling is also becoming more prevalent in construction, mostly due to the fact that diamond bits are stronger, more precise and incredibly efficient in drilling holes into hard, rigid surfaces such as concrete, while nearly eliminating the chance of cracking the surrounding material.

When it comes to mining, however, the two most important factors are efficiency and safety. You want to be able to extract as much material from the earth as possible, all while keeping your crew and equipment safe from harm, which in addition to providing protection and peace of mind for workers, also lowers maintenance and repair costs. Diamond core drilling is, hands down, the best method in achieving those goals.